Welding Arrow Magnet
Welding Arrow Magnet
Welding Arrow Magnet
Welding Arrow Magnet
Welding Arrow Magnet
Welding Arrow Magnet

Welding Arrow Magnet

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Done perfect welding without helping hands!

Welding Arrow Magnet is very useful for holding metal pieces at certain positions for welding. It has an extremely strong magnetic force that can securely stick to all metal surfaces, including odd-shaped metal. With this innovative tool, you can now free up your hands for more precise and safer welding work!

It can hold objects at angles of 45º, 90º and 135º, offering flexibility for your metalwork. No more inaccurate angle positioning! With its bright red color, you can easily spot it during work. You can also firmly grab & reposition the magnet with its center hole design.

The magnet is very sturdy & comes in a handy size, making it an ideal tool for any kind of project, such as welding, soldering, drilling, assembling & other metal installations. 

Add Ease & Safety To Your Projects!
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  • Easy Welding
    The magnet is designed to hold metal pieces in place for precisely aligned angles, providing secure & convenient work-holding for welding. It allows users to keep both hands free while working on a project.

  • Multiple Angles
    You can work with different angles for building various shapes. Each magnet can be used for welding angles at 45º, 90º and 135º.

  • Strong Magnetic Power
    The powerful magnets can be used in fixturing flat steel, round and square tubing and other odd-shaped metal objects. The largest size can hold metal objects up to 75 lbs.

  • Smart Design
    For the arrow model, the hole at the center allows you to easily grab & position the magnets. The bright red color can help you locate it effortlessly.

  • Metalwork Made Easy
    They are convenient and portable to bring around in any work environment. Other than welding, they are also useful for soldering, drilling, assembling & other metal installations.
  • Durable & Sturdy
    Made of super-durable iron with a coated finish, these magnets are long-lasting and resistant to rust & corrosion.


  • Size as below:

  • Material: Iron + Magnet
  • Type: Holds Up To 11/25/50/75 LBS


  • 1 x Welding Arrow Magnet

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